Friday, 14 August 2009

Top Cash Back

Online Cashback

Basically this is a site I came across after reading about how you can earn money (Cash back) when purchasing items online.

All you need do is go to and use the link they provide for the shop you want to make the purchase from.

To put it simply, if you drive a car, you need to purchase insurance once a year, most people do this online using sites like and All you need to do is use the link on TopCashBack for the company you would like to use and you earn cashback. I did this with Swiftcover car insurance and gained £28 cashback.

These are all things I would've done anyway, but just by using I received £76.50. Purchasing car insurance and getting a new phone contract is pretty much a yearly thing, so you can earn quite a bit, especially if you use it when your friends or family are purchasing something, we have 4 cars in our house hold, so it can be done for each one!

Now for those of you that are thinking,

“well there must be a catch, you can't get money for nothing”.

Have you ever wondered how those comparison websites make their money, or shops like Carphone Warehouse and Phones 4U?

Well it's through commission, they are paid by the company you purchase something from because they have referred you to that company. By using TopCashBack you are effectively referring yourself, therefore having the benefit of being paid the commission!

So, you can still use those other sites to compare prices and once you have chosen which company you would like to go with, simply use TopCashBack to purchase it, simple.

It can literally be done for everything, Sky, Virgin Media, Opening Bank or Savings accounts, Changing gas or electricity companies, Booking hotels, Travelling by coach, train or plane, Buying package holidays and loads of high street shops are available too.

By doing this you can easy make a few extra hundred pounds a year and best of all its free. They don't charge you anything and you don't give them any details except your email address, so what have you got to lose!